Monday, March 23, 2020

2020.3 Coronavirus Masks.

Sewing group suggested DIY masks for hospitals.

It seems there is also a run on 1/4 elastic, none can be found. I adapted the pattern used for requests from Deaconess Hospital, IN. and a video from China that doesn't use elastic. I also feel it fits better against the face giving more protection. I then added a triangle tuck so it can cover regular dust masks. see pictures below.

To make a mask: (updated 2020.3.25)

This is only 50-80% effective, in blocking the Covid19 virus.

2 10" x 6" coton fabric1" 16 gauge copper wire@ 44" binding sewn into a long tie

Start by inspecting the cotton
fabric against a light source to find a tight weave. Shrink as much as possible by washing and drying on a hot setting.

Cut two 10" x 6" rectangles. Stack on top of each other and sew along the 10" top and bottom sides, forming a tube. Turn right side out.

Find the center of one of the long 10" side. Center where the 1" wire nose clip will go. Sew a rectangular pocket to keep it in place against that edge. ( I sew down from the edge, along the edge and then wiggle the wire in while still on the sewing machine. Carefully sew the last side up to the edge boxing in the wire.)

Fold the short 6" ends over twice; making a finished tube that a tie can be threaded through. I make my ties sewing a folded binding that’s about 1/4" wide. Feed through each tube the skinny binding. Make sure the tubes wide enough for the binding to thread through.

I added an additional tuck for covering non-compliant dust masks.
Same pattern with an additional 3/4” x 3/4” triangle taken in at the center lower edge. It can be worn over a dust mask or alone.

To wear:
Put the loop over your head and push up the mask tight under your chin. Bring the rest of the mask up and tie it over your ears.
Pinch the wire against your nose.
Gather the sides.
Readjust everything until you are comfortable.

(It will help the wearer know which side may be the “dirty” side as opposed to the “clean” side if two different fabric patterns are used.)

Thursday, January 2, 2020

#52. 'Ming Ho / Munn Haw (Beatrice)'. 77" x 77". Chinese brush painting, Japanese folklore, and Hawaiian flora designs. I knew mom as 'Beatrice' all my life. In helping her get a state ID I found she was born 'Munn Haw' but changed her Cantonese name to Mandarin 'Ming Ho' when she married. 'Beatrice' was given to her because the school teachers couldn't handle other than English names. (Hawaii in the 1920's.) NFS

Inspired by Li Huayi at the Honolulu Art Museum. It was serendipitious to find this cloth printed with a Chinese landscape design waiting for me back home. It was printed in Honolulu. You can see little figures in the print if you look closely.

'Munn Haw' & 'Ming Ho' translate to Day-Night or Sun-Moon, meaning 'Bright'. Add the character 'River' and it reads as Bright River, ie the Milky Way. 

Ming Ho

Munn Haw

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Truth As A Contested Concept

I was invited to participate by
curator and sculptor Indira Johnson.
'Woman Made Gallery', Chicago.

'Hansel and Gretel in American Woods' was chosen.

You can see all artists, statements and works on the website by clicking 'SEE THE WORK'.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

#51. 'Mauna Kea / Powehi' 51" x 46" Tutuvi prints and Hawaiian cloth NFS

During the blocking of TMT ( a proposed new telescope) on Mauna Kea, Hawaii; I wove this two sided piece. I considered changing the name to 'Gran Canaria / Black Hole'. Gran Canaria being the telescope if built on the secondary site of Spain's Canary Island. But no, this piece is about Mauna Kea. Ironically wild fires burn on the Canary Island this summer, while emotional fires burn in Hawaii.

What would Queen Liliuokalani do? Her islands were stolen in 1893. This is very much a part of the protest.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

#50. 'Powehi / Rainbow' 84" x 68" Made of hawaiian and western materials. Started 4/2019 - Finished 7/2019. Read links to find out more. 1,000.

'Kumulipo', a Hawaiian origin chant.

"The current of time when the earth turned hot around
The current of time when the firmament turned counter
The current of time when the sun stood beshadowed
To illuminate the moon
The time of the night of the Pleiades
The ocean-floor slime is what gave origin to earth
The origin of the dark was dark
The origin of the night was night
The deep darkness, the deep darkness
The darkness of the day, the darkness of the night
Night only indeed!..."

Copied from 'Chanting the Universe' by John Charlot, 1983.

Sunday, March 10, 2019