Friday, January 1, 1988

In 2017 after many moves I found my lost fetishes in the Alaska cedar box @ 1977-1997

 I was soldering links to tattooed rawhide into a form when I read the label warning of toxic fumes. I was pregnant. That's when I switched to the traditional women's art of quilting. 1988
 A family of Evergreen trees protect a magic silk bag of rice. May it never be empty. For Ellen 1988
 My Chinese Jade armor of tattooed rawhide. 1988
 Mother and Babe. Ellen was in elementary school in Oak Park. @  1994
 Footprint. Moved to Orinda. California beads. @ 1998
 Indochinese Peepshow. @ 1987
 Floss (SAIC days)
The Ketchikan cedar box that hid my treasures from me.

1st International Shoebox Sculpture 1988 'Lucky Peach Boy Book and Other Tales'.