Thursday, March 8, 2018

St Louis.

Woven quilts get delivered in Ikea woven bags.

A surprise at Firecats Gallery while Hannah Deaton documented my work.

Helen O'Rourke, my SAIC Fiber Dept. advisor in 1977, came with silky fabrics for me.  I hadn't seen her since 1980! So delighted and surprised I made the mistake and didn't finish taking the last photo of 'Mandala (Silky)'. We forgot to flip it for one more picture. See 4th Presbyterian show Jan. 1917.
We were much more jolly then the photo indicates.

'Syzygy' show at Firecat Projects Gallery. Both sides of woven quilts; except for 'Mandala (Silky)'. See 4th Presbyterian show Jan. 2017.

'Rainbow Days / Purple Nights' 59 x 61 

'Two Faiths' 56 x 49 

 'Fire / Ice (sunflowers/ice cubes)' 50 x 55 

'Hawaiian Garden / Kansas Baseball' 62 x 73 

'Jockey's Spiral / Lily Pond' 45 x 49 

South wall, flipped.

'Mardi Gras Beads, Day/Night (with floaters)' 69 x 61

'6 / 9, Twins' 66 x 67

'Hansel & Gretel in American Woods' 49 x 49

Corner, flipped.

'Eclipse - Cahokia - 2017' 65 x 70