Tuesday, January 1, 2013

#16. 'Pollonaise/Honu'. 64.5 x 60 washed. 2013. Polish souvenir scarf, cherries/ Tutuvi screen printed sea creatures and Aloha prints. 600. SOLD.

side 1.

side 2.

Close up of souvenir scarf from Poland.

Showing both sides.

#13. 'Cork on Water - Buds in Fire, Cross'. 53 x 52. 2013. Weaving bubbles. Tutuvi print, Indonesian Chinese print, aloha print. SOLD.

side 1.

side 2.

Chinese fabric, Aloha wear. Two faces.

Yes the pins hurt! or how are these made?

Colleen Kimura gave me Tutuvi silk screened scraps which I then washed and cut into strips.

Pin pricks are a necessary bane.

Finger weaving from the center out to the edges.