Friday, January 1, 1999

1998 - 2001. Moved to S.F. and Orinda, 1 apartment, 2 houses! A lot of traveling up and down the west coast, Ketchikan, France, China. But, I did make a dragon out of hula hoops for the Sleepy Hollow Swim club parade; car stickers for the caravan to Molokof Gold mines; re-glued TJ's backgammon set...stuff like that.

While sitting in the back of Ellen's Mandarin class I hand stitched a 'poncho' of Chinese characters. They spell out all the good, moral attributes one would want any child to have. You would think I could have learned some Mandarin, nope.

Gung Gung and Popo were so pleased with Ellen's Chinese lessons they took us to China in 2000.