Thursday, January 2, 2020

#52. 'Ming Ho / Munn Haw (Beatrice)'. 77" x 77". Chinese brush painting, Japanese folklore, and Hawaiian flora designs. I knew mom as 'Beatrice' all my life. In helping her get a state ID I found she was born 'Munn Haw' but changed her Cantonese name to Mandarin 'Ming Ho' when she married. 'Beatrice' was given to her because the school teachers couldn't handle other than English names. (Hawaii in the 1920's.) NFS

Inspired by Li Huayi at the Honolulu Art Museum. It was serendipitious to find this cloth printed with a Chinese landscape design waiting for me back home. It was printed in Honolulu. You can see little figures in the print if you look closely.

'Munn Haw' & 'Ming Ho' translate to Day-Night or Sun-Moon, meaning 'Bright'. Add the character 'River' and it reads as Bright River, ie the Milky Way. 

Ming Ho

Munn Haw